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Navy Marine Post 276 History

This post origanally incorporated as the Naval Association of Ohio on July 1st of 1919.  The signatores of the Articles of Incorporation were:

G. R. LeSauvage

G. C. Laning

C. E. Grubbs

R. A. Preston

John R. Gorsline


The Navy Post 276 was chartered in Columbus Ohio under the American Legion Department of Ohio in 1919 as an association of veterans from the U.S. Navy.  Our temporary charter was issued on December 10, 1919.  Our first Commodore, G. R. LeSauvage, was elected and took office in 1920.  Our final charter was then issued on May 10 of 1920.  A letter sent to Department  Adjutant J. J. Saslavsky advising of the name change to Navy and Marine Post #276, was dated April 20, 1928. Then on May 6, 1965 the Department Adjutant, Joseph S. Deutschle, received a letter indicating that the Navy and Marine post name had been changed to Navy-Marine Post 276.  Since that time we have become an association of veterans from the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps., U.S. Coast Guard and the  U.S Merchant Marines of WWII  within the membership requirements of the National organization of the American Legion. 


Over 90 years ago Post 276 started remembering those of our sea services who died in the line of duty by placing a flowered anchor on the waters of the Scioto River off of the Broad Street Bridge, in Columbus Ohio.


Within all post activities our traditional titles are used instead of the standard American Legion Titles.  As such we use the titles of:


Commodore (Commander)
1st Vice Commodore (1st Vice Commander)
2nd Vice Commordore (2nd Vice Commander)
Chief Yeoman (Adjutant)
Paymaster (Finance Officer)
Surgeon (Service Officer)

Master-at-Arms (Sergeant-at-Arms)


The Application for membership in The American Legion for Navy Post 276 was issued on November 28, 1919
The charter members were:
G. R. Le Sauvage
Ray Shepard
Alvin C. Geary
John K. Knighton
Byron C. Caulkins
Erwin F. Dellenbeck
Byron A. Murphy
F. W. Hubbard, Jr.
Chas. Wesley Recob
E. A. Frey
Verne A. Dodd
Harry H. Dill
John W. Turner
William Baker
S. W. Culp

 The final Charter was issued on May 10, 1921

Thanks to Kent Bermingham who found our

original charter at an antique mall, found us

on this Web site, had a sense of history and

returned it home at our meeting on October 3, 2009.

Both the original and final charters are on display at the American Legion, 12th District Council office at Franklin County Memorial Hall, 280 E. Broad St., Columbus OH.Navy Marine Post member, Sam Cobb was Department of Ohio Commander in 1936-1937.


The Articles of Incorporation of the Naval Association of Ohio are also on display at the 12th District Council office. 

Association Purpose:

Said corporation is formed for the purpose of


We, who served our country in the United States Navy, during the Great War, do,  for the glory of God and our Country unite our individual efforts in this Association which we dedicate to the following ideals:


To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America: to foster and perpetuate one hundred percent Americanism: to maintain law and order: to combat the autocracy of both calsses and masses: to make RIGHT the master of might: to safeguard and transmit to posterity the principles of justice, freedom and democracy, to promote peace and good will on earth, to preserve the memories of our Association in the Great War and sanctify our comradship by our devotion and helpfulness for each other.

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