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Military History

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January 1


1946 - The Coast Guard, which had operad as a service under the Navy since 1 November 1941, was returned to the Treasury Department, pursuant to Executive Order 9666, dated 28 December 1945.


1962 - The Navy SEAL teams were established with Teams One and Two, formed with personnel from Underwater Demolition Teams.


January 2


1943 - USS Argonaut (SM1) sinks the Japanese guard boat Ebon Maru in the Bismarck Sea.


1944 - Aerial mine laying operations continue in the Marshall Islands.  Five PV-1s (VB 137) and one PBY - 5 (VP 72) mine Jabor Anchorage, Jaluit Atoll.


USS Finback (SS 230) sinks a Japanese Merchant tanker in the East China Sea

January 3


1944 - Coast Guard History - CDR Frank Erickson received an official commendation after he piloted a Sikorsky HNS-1 helicopter that carried two cases of blood plasma lashed to the helicopter's floats from New York City to Sandy Hook, New Jersey, for the treatment of Navy crewmen of the Navy destroyer USS Turner, which had exploded and burned off New York harbor.  Having performed that heroic deed in violent winds and snow that grounded all other aircraft, Erickson became the first pilot in the world to fly a helicopter under such conditions.  It was also the first "lifesaving flight" ever performed by a helicopter.

January 11


1945 - The first elements of Marine Aircraft Group 24, commanded by Colonel Lyle H. Meyer, landed at Lingayen, Luzon, Philippine Islands, to provide close air support for Army forces.  Over the next three months, MAG-24 and MAG-32 would fly a total of 8.842 combat sorties and drop more than 19,000 bombs as part f the Fifth Air Force in support of the Sixth Army

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